Who we are
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Starlite is a collaborative approach to mind body healing that puts client care above all else. Founded in 2016, Starlite is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. We also have branches in Vishakhapatnam and Dubai. We, at Starlite, believe in holistic healing in a comprehensive way, showcasing the benefits of a mind, body, spirit approach. We believe improving life through good nutrition and right coaches. We move beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nutrition. Our research gives everyone a better understanding of their unique metabolism.

We deliver real results! Take back control of your life.

What We Offer
“Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Starlite aims at not only keeping its clients healthy but helps them supplement their journey towards healthy living with products and
services that enable them to succeed. We offer the following services:

“Change begins with Choice”

Starlite believes that change begins with choice and when client chooses us, we step in and step up for the client.
Our persuasive points include:



Scientific and
Holistic Approach

Trust and


How we do
“The Customer Should Always Be Healthy”

At Starlite, we follow a 5-step Advanced Nutrition Care Program Process:
Starlite program has a solid approach and its methodology is scientific, based on Global Standards (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, USA). Our team with 15+ years of experience as Nutrition Consultants and Registered Dietitians have delivered consistent and irrefutable results. Our Advanced Nutrition Care program follows a 5-step process:

  • Nutrition Awareness
  • Nutrition, Health Assessment & Reassessment
  • Nutrition Diagnosis
  • Nutrition Intervention
  • Nutrition Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Packages
“Success is not obtained overnight”

Starlite family offers a range of health and fitness packages that clients can opt. These are packages that are complete in every respect and
will take care of every element of health – from medical intervention to complete and holistic wellness.

Starlite App
“We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas”

In a technology driven world where everything is connected with smartphones, Starlite is smart. To enable our clients to have a more hands-on access to their healthy lifestyle, we have online app which helps you as well as the designated nutritionist track your lifestyle. Upgraded and advanced, the app allows clients to be aware and have a link with our consultants 24/7.

Amp up your health. Get on track with our app!

Our Star Consultants
“Let us lead you”

Starlite works together as a unit incorporating the latest techniques braced by high quality technology to deliver superlative services to our clients.
Our team consists of highly nuanced and experienced consultants, who are multilingual and can speak around 10 languages, helping clients irrespective of borders.
A brief introduction to our star consultants:

Our Success Story
“Your stories cement our success”

Our program has helped and fostered healthy lives for 10000+ families.
We have many success stories helping our clients with:

Weight management


Heart related diseases

Thyroid diseases

PCOD/PCOS disorders