It’s been five years since we started, and it seems just like yesterday when we opened our doors to our clients. These five years have been eventful for us, to say the least.

We began as a holistic nutrition center in Vizag but quickly grew to be the best in our field. Eventful?

But that’s not all. We also have a 10000+ strong family of happy clients whose lives we have filled with good health and a healthy lifestyle. We have developed a track record of successes in weight management, diabetes, heart-related issues, thyroid and PCOD/PCOS.

Our mercurial success in the nutrition sphere saw us collaborate with the Dubai-based Fitness Lifestyle Co., renowned in this field. This collaboration helped us treat national and international customers and open their eyes to a world full of health.

We regularly publish health-giving recipes for all to use and benefit by.

Finally, the fact that our team comprises members who can speak 10 languages is a great asset to us as we can attract more customers who often seek our renewed help.

Though we have achieved all of this in barely five years, we still feel that we are at the threshold of our careers, and we have a lot to achieve and give the world. Our commitment to our profession keeps us alert to changes our clients might undergo as we work with renewed passion, day after day.

Ms. Anjali Dange V

Ms. Anjali is really friendly and also a very innovative consultant. I am somebody who doesn’t have time or inclination for exercise and a foodie. Typically, a doctor would not be able to help - but consulting with Ms. Anjali helped me to find a great diet plan that helped me lose more than 10 kgs within a month and a half.

Kudos to her and her team for creating a tailor-made plan that accommodated my frequent travel and didn’t make me feel I was missing out on enjoying the good life.

--Pandurang Nayak

Ms. Gayathri

I recommend the doctor.

I have visited her for weight reduction and medical condition (anxiety) plan. It’s been 4 sessions (weeks) and I could say that the diet plan works very well and even my condition got improved.

--Anirudh Seeram